Classification & Coat Types  
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F1 (1st generation): Labrador bred to a poodle.  50% Lab 50% Poodle -including standard and miniature Poodle cross

F2 (2nd generation):  2 F1 Labradoodles 

F1B & F2B (3rd generation): Labradoodle bred back to Poodle

Multi Generational - F1B bred to another Labradoodle 

Coat types
  • Hair coat: flat to straight, wavy or curly. This type of coat can be slick (like a lab) to having feathering on the tail,legs and face, to wavy all over.
  • Fleece coat: this type of coat is soft and curly and sould not shed.
  • Woolly coat: much like that of a poodle, this is a non shedding coat,the curls are not a tight as a poodle, this is a good choice for allergy sufferers.

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